About SnakePick

SnakePick is an Australian born product that was initially created to help guitarists not concentrate so much on holding the pick. What resulted was the birth of a tool that allows you to completely let go and still have perfect control. SnakePick has now become essential to guitarists from all walks of life, including sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease, Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and amputees.

Unlike the vast majority of existing plectrum styles, the SnakePick will never drop out of the player’s fingers, it will never rotate in the player’s fingers (given the sizing is correct) and it allows you to play with style, comfort and dexterity.


How it works

The SnakePick coils around the player’s finger at an outward taper. The necessary tension needed to secure the pick is created by the coil sizes in relation to the finger. The SnakePick is available in four different finger sizes, (13mm, 15mm, 17mm and 19mm) with three different pick densities (Soft, Medium and Hard).

In the most common usage of the SnakePick, it is worn on the index finger and positioned optimally facing the thumb. You can also turn the SnakePick to different angles for various tones, just like a standard pick.


For conventional use, simply put it on your index finger and position the head in the same place you would normally put a conventional plectrum, between the index finger and thumb. If you can shake your hand like it’s on fire and it moves, use the next smaller size.


As a general rule

  • 13mm will fit children with ages up to about 8.
  • 15mm will fit adolescents and many women.
  • 17mm will fit older teens, many men and women.
  • 19mm will fit larger men and women.

The soft gauges have more flexibility in the coils so if you’re still unsure, get a mixed pack of your best guess. The soft (white) gauges will comfortably stretch on!

View the SnakePick Ring Size Conversion Chart